Here is what our house guests

had to say about Beals House!





On behalf of M. I., a sincere thank you for your hospitality and flexibility in time of need while staying at the Beal House.


                                    P. I. and C. I.


Dear Carol,

You made my stay feel like I was staying with a longtime friend.  Thank-you for being so nice and easy to be around.

                                    May God Bless You,



Dear Carol,


Thank you for helping make my stay at the Beals House so comfortable and friendly.




Dear Carol (aka “Betty”)

Thank you for everything.  I am a stronger person because of you

                                    Thank you,

                                    Love, P. E.



Dear Carol,

Thank you very much for being so kind to me during my husband’s recent hospital stay.  It was much appreciated.




Thank you so much for allowing me to stay at the Beals House.  Thank you for the wonderful hospitality, food and conversation.  You helped me (more than you’ll ever know) to get through a difficult time.  I loved all your stories and your wonderful laugh.  You are one very special lady.  The comfort and support you give is priceless.


                                                         S. S.

P.S.  I will keep your son in my prayers.




My father P. I. spent many nights at your house while spending precious time with M. I. his brother.  My dad was thankful for all of you and what you were able to provide.  Thank you very much for easing the pain and suffering that my family had to endure.  I am miles away, but our hearts are with you.  This is not much but I hope it can provide for other families in your care.  Many, many thanks for people like you.

                                                         P’s daughter and family


Dear Carol,

Please accept this check in memory of my father R. P. who passed away the last weekend I spent at Beals House.  The service you provide to families during times of stress and worry is immeasurable.  I personally appreciate the “rules” of the house which provides for a safe and a clean place to stay for a woman by herself away from home.  Thank you for your hospitality